• Amanda

A problem or a gift?

I read this quote from Tony Robbins and I can relate to this one.  As a small business owner, mum and employee I face lots of problems everyday.  They are inevitable. 

In business, often a problem is what you make it.  Most of us turn our problems into bigger issues than they really are. We focus on the bad, we complain and we worry. It’s human nature!  The longer it continues on, the worse our problems and mindset become. We often focus so much on the problem, that we don’t see the solution or opportunity that it can bring.  

Self doubt

Problems are going to appear every day.  Some small and easily managed, others a lot bigger that can stop us in our tracks.  Making us doubt ourselves, our abilities and everything we have worked so hard for.   These are the types of problems that sit at the back of our minds constantly niggling us.  These thoughts can affect our mindset, productivity and ability to grow our business.  


Just like the quote says, there’s something we can do with every problem. Take a minute to think about the problems you are facing in your business. Write them down. They might look like this

  • I don’t have the skills to build my social media

  • I don’t know what to post on Facebook

  • I can‘t afford a website

  • I don’t have the time to send regular email campaigns


I hear these problems and other similar ones from my clients and other small business owners all the time. But rather than focusing on the negative, how about we set ourselves a new goal!  

  • I can set one day aside to create a content plan every month or schedule an email campaign

  • I can do a short course/ online webinar in the evening to build my own skill set

  • I can find a local web developer who is flexible and accepts tailored payment plans

  • I can ask someone who knows about these things for help 

The gift

If you want to look at your marketing problems and turn them into realistic goals like these, just send me a message. I can provide you with training, support and an extra pair of hands to help solve your marketing problems. Act now, don’t miss out in the gift!


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