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Disneyland Paris

As you all probably know by now, we are just back from Disneyland Paris. Earlier this year we decided that Kara and Finn were a really good age for a foreign holiday. After looking at a few different destinations, we finally settled on Disneyland. I think every child’s dream holiday would be somewhere like Disneyland and secretly it was mine too!

I booked the holiday back in January, but kept it a surprise until Kara’s birthday in May when we had our reveal. Finally, I was able to share the excitement with them. Although to be honest I still think I was the most excited out of all of us. The poor girls at work were sick listening to me. Just wait until I’m back from leave to show them my 600 plus photos and videos (I am not even joking lol).

For anyone interested in the boring bits, I booked through disneylandparis.co.uk. I booked one of the Disney hotels (The Cheyenne), our park tickets and flights all at one time which was so handy. This was our first time flying with Kara and Finn and I have to say that the EasyJet staff were amazing. They brought Kara and Finn into meet the pilot who was lovely and had loads of time for their little questions. Do you know that pilots often see really large birds flying up around 10,000 feet?

Finn with the Pilot

Once we got off the plane at Charles De Gall it was a 35 minute transfer to our hotel. The Cheyenne was like something out of a western. The Disney hotels are all themed and ours was based on Toy story and Woody the cowboy. The hotel was lovely and clean and the staff were very helpful. We stayed 4 nights 5 days which we found perfect to really get to see everything in both of the Parks.

I was a bit concerned that the ques would be terrible, honestly they weren’t. If you stay in one of the Disney hotels you get early magic hours. This gives you access to both of the Parks one hour before it opens to the public. This was great for getting on the most popular rides. We used this every morning.

As part of our holiday we booked a Character breakfast. This meant no queuing in the heat. The breakfast was a cooked buffet in the Plaza Gardens within the Main Park. It was so worth it. We met Mickey Mouse, Scrooge McDuck, Eeyore, Tiger and Pluto. All of them took time to interact with each table, have photographs taken and sign autographs.

As for the rides, there is something for everyone. We found loads that we could do as a family which I loved. One of the highlights was definitely the Illuminations. This happens every night at 11pm. They have a projected light show and fireworks display on the Disney castle. It is simply magical!

I could write for hours about our trip, but here are my top recommendations for anyone who is going or planning to go to Disneyland.

  • Wear the comfiest shoes you can find! You will walk more than you ever have before. My feet took a few days for the swelling to go away.

  • Watch a few of the shows in the Studio Park. It gets you out of the heat for an hour and a much needed seat as well. Mickey and the magician show was amazing.

  • Bring some snack packs with you. Snacks are really expensive in the park but they are great for keeping the little ones occupied when waiting for rides.

  • Next time we go I will definitely go B&B. I think this would actually save a lot of money and messing about in the morning. I will probably go Compass Club next time which also gives you an afternoon tea too.

  • Most people were using the drinking fountains throughout the park. We went through a lot of water, it was averaging 35 degrees. A small bottle of water costs almost 4 euro in the park and the water from the fountains was lovely and cold and tasted fine too.

To sum it all up, it was everything we had wished for. It was truly a magical holiday from beginning to end. It was worth every penny. We have the most magical memories that we will all treasure forever. Kara and Finn are still talking about it yet. What I loved the most was seeing their little faces light up, at every magical turn. I’ve already planned our return visit!

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