• Amanda

Do you hide behind your brand?

Do you hide behind your business branding when you are online? Personal branding is so important on social media. You need to be seen as a real person to have any credibility online.

Adding that personal touch to a brand is key to building trust and loyalty, especially for small business owners. Do you want to be relatable to your audience? Of course you do! Well, you can’t do that with a logo! Logos are great and play a massive part in your business branding. However, personal branding gives your business the human element, making your brand much more relatable and taking it to the next level.

So, how can you start to reveal a glimpse of ‘you’ in your branding? Have you considered blogging? Blogging gives you a chance to tell your story. Let your customers join in and get to know you. Tell them how you started and why. Tell them what makes your business different from others.

You might also want to start increasing the number of stories or videos you appear in. Give the public an up-close view of you. Let them see how passionate you are about your business! Give it a go, you will be surprised how it will help you to build loyal customers and supporters!! Don’t hide behind your logo!!

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