• Amanda

Ideas for social media posts

Do you ever hit a brick wall and not know what to post on your social media. I like to plan ahead where possible, when it comes to social media. It means you don’t panic post and that you can sit back and concentrate on the more engaging side of social media, commenting and chatting to others. Which by the way, is also really important for growing your following. I’ve pulled together a few simple ideas that you can add into your social media plan for the next week.

Get interactive

We all love a good Q&A. It’s more popular now than ever before, with Instagram’s new polls, questions and sliders. Try a quick quiz for your customers, or why not ask them for feedback on certain products or services you offer. Are you thinking of changing something in your business polls are great for a little bit of market research!


Record a snippet of a meeting an event or what about a quick walk around of your shop/office. Introduce your latest product/service. You don’t need me to tell you that video content is one way to instantly drive up your reach and engagement. Social media loves videos! Remember they don’t need to be long. With stories you can have short bursts of video content. Even a simple 10-15 second video will be enough to get you started.

User generated content

So what the heck is this I hear you say! You know when a customer buys from you and then sends you a photo or tags you in a picture. This is user generated content. You know that you have started to build a really engaged audience when this starts happening. Ask you customers to send you photos with their new purchase, while in your premises or using your services. Then simply repost these photos. This is honestly the best type of customer testimonial you could get.

Meet the team

How about posting a few photos of your staff? This is a brilliant way to show the people behind the brand. Have a feature post with a photo of a staff member and 5 things about them. Remember that people buy from people and it’s important to show the human side of business.


You will notice that these are all over social media and there is a good reason for that. They are another great why to engage followers. These are also great types of posts to include in your content plan for the weeks ahead. Create a note on your phone and copy and past 10 funny or inspirational quotes that you like. Then you can schedule them and just like that you have a 1 post automated for one day a week over the next 10 weeks. These types of posts are also great for filling a gap in your content plan.


OK you might think this sounds crazy but you should also be reposting old posts. Pick the ones that got lots of engagement the first time round. Remember not everyone who follows you will see every post that you put up on your social media. Don’t be afraid to make use of old content that is still relevant.

Shout out

Give a shout out to another local business. Small businesses should work together with other relevant businesses where possible. Often what happens when you do this is the other business will return the favour. Remember givers get. This will no doubt help you to build your brand and expand your following.

Get your monthly content plan

If you need help to plan your social media, get in touch. I can work with you to come up with a monthly content plan for your accounts. The best bit is you will be able to use it over and over again. You will never hit that brick wall again!


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