• Amanda

Some FAQs about Social Media

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

A few Of my followers and customers have been asking similar questions to do with their online marketing. I thought that it would be better to write a blog to cover these. Of course if there are any others I’ll always reply personally, but I thought that this might help some other small business owners out there.

Q. What social media channels should I be on?

A. There is no one size fits all here I’m afraid. This answer depends totally on your business. I always advise my clients to do some research with their current customers. Simply asking a question like ‘do you use Instagram?‘ is the Best way to find out what platforms you should be using. Go where your customers are.

Q. How many times should I post?

A. You should be aiming for quality content rather than quantity. In short I would say once or twice a day for Facebook. Twitter 3/4 posts a day. Instagram differs again it’s more of a high volume platform, at least one post a day with at least 4/5 good stories. Again this is speaking very broadly, so it will totally depend on your own resources and business.

Q. What’s the best time to post?

A. Look at your insights, look at your past posts. Which ones have done better and check their times. Do you generally find you alpha e more interaction first thing in the morning and late in the evening. That’s typically what I find.

Q. How do I make my page more professional.

A. To begin make sure you have all the profile information completed. There’s nothing worse than looking for a businesses website or contact info and it’s not on their profile. Make sure your page is branded, both your profile and your cover photo. Maintain this branding on all your platforms and website. Reply to comments, engage with followings. Be active and appear like you are interested in your followers. Like other pages, share good relevant information. Remember you have to give to get!

Q. Will I loose control of my page if someone manages if for me?

A. Absolutely not! When I help businesses with their social media you can still be involved in all of the content planning, engagement and PMs. It’s important for you to still have some input. But my job is making this as easy and as less time consuming as possible.


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